Lee Bullock Art

To order commissioned pieces, all you must do is email me to get started.  If you are hiring me to produce an image of something of yours, a portrait, or something specific, I require high resolution images emailed at the largest format you can.  The reason for this is I need to see the details of what I am painting and poor quality images do not lend well for nicely detailed paintings.  I will only accept commissions if I feel the finished product is a painting that you are proud to own and show off to your friends and family.  I want the best quality for you.





For over 14 years, I made my living as a professional tattoo artist. I decided that after a successful career, i still needed something new.  So i have moved out to the country in Central Texas to pursue my art as a serious career.

Out here i can really focus on developing my art.  Both for myself, but to keep your attention and offer a fresh way to represent your commissions. 

My passions are art, motorcycles, and the outdoors.  I take a lot of inspiration from these and attempt to transcend my emotions for these passions out of my brushes.

My paintings are a form of watercolor.  You will find no pen or pencil marks, no guidelines.  I prefer to work much more fluid and play with lighting and details, while still incorperating a loose style. 

The sizes of these paintings can range in size.  I tend to paint the most at a 9x12 format for ease of shipping, and to make it more realistic for the masses to own original artwork.  For commissions, i can produce much larger works, per request.

The medium

My Story